Balloon dipping craft

Chocolate Easter Baskets That Everyone Will Love

Chocolate Easter Basket
I saw this idea of dipping balloons into chocolate a few years ago on Pinterest and I have wanted to try it ever since with the kids. I used yummy white chocolate to make these cute edible Easter Baskets.
Materials that you need:
White chocolate x 4 Large bars
Small Balloons
Greaseproof paper/Tin Foil
Baking Tray
Balloon dipping craft
Melt the chocolate in a bowl in the microwave of over a slow heat.
Wash and dry the balloons in warm water to get rid of any balloon residue.
Blow up six small balloons.
Cover a baking tray with greaseproof paper.
Use a spoon to make six small circular blobs of white chocolate on the tray. This is to make a base for your baskets.
Chocolate Easter Balloon Craft
Dip the bottom of the balloon into the bowl making sure to give it a good covering of chocolate.
Easter Chocolate Craft
Place the balloon onto of the first blob on the tray. Repeat six times and leave to dry.
Easter Crafts
With a knife burst the balloons and gently peel away the balloon shell.
Bursting Balloon Craft
Easter Chocolate Kids Craft
You are left with beautiful white chocolate Easter Baskets. Decorate as you like with ribbon and chicks, chocolate goodies etc..
Chocolate Easter Basket
and don’t forget the best part of course is eating them!! Yummy!!!
Chocolate Easter Craft

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