Easter Bunny Garland

Cute Easter Bunny Garland

Easter Bunny Garland

This adorable Easter Bunny Garland is a great way to brighten up your kitchen wall or kids bedroom this Easter and the kids will have great fun sticking on the little furry tails! The great thing is that once you make one bunny, they multiply quickly so it’s a quick craft to make but something you could take out every year at Easter Time.

Easter Bunny Garland Craft

Materials Needed

Coloured card
Hole puncher
Cotton Balls
Easter Bunny Template


Google Easter Bunny free template online, choose one you like and print off.

Cut out your template.

Using your template trace around the outside of your bunny and cut out several bunnies in different colour card

Punch two holes in the top of each bunny and thread your ribbon,

For the finishing touch glue a little cotton wool ball onto each bunny to make a fluffy tail





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