Cute Easter Bunny Puppets

Materials you need:
Three eggs
Cake Pop Sticks/Chopsticks
White paint
Googly eyes
Mini Pom Poms
bunny puppets
First we need to blow out the eggs. Make approx a 1.5cm hole in the bottom of an egg with a pin.
Then make a pin sized hole in the top of an egg.
Do this next part over a bowl or the sink. Place your mouth over the top of the hole on the top of the egg and blow. You will see the egg coming out the bottom hole.
Once you think all of the egg is blown out rinse the egg with water and dry with a towel.
Paint the eggs white and leave to dry.
Egg Craft
Place the cake pop stick/chopstick inside the bottom hole and sellotape in place.
Decorate your bunny with googly eyes, pretty ribbon and felt to make the ears. My son drew the bunnies face with a black marker.

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