Salt dough decorations

Salt Dough Easter Egg Decorations

Salt Dough Easter Eggs
Materials Needed:
Table Salt
Rolling Pin
Small Plastic Round Tub or oval shape
Nail varnish
Cotton Wool Buds
Coloured Twine (optional)
Tree Twigs
White Spray Paint
  1. Measure out one cup of water, one cup of flour and a half cup of salt.
  2. This will make enough to make approx 12 eggs
  3. Mix the flour and the salt together and slowly add the water until you get a nice dough mixture.
  4. Using your rolling pin roll out your dough.
  5. It’s hard to find an oval cookie shape so I used one of my daughters little food bowls and squeezed it so that it made more of an oval egg shape rather than a circle.Salt Dough Get Crafty
  6. Cut out all of your eggs. I used a straw to make a little hole in the top of each egg, that we will use to thread the twine through later.
  7. Place your eggs on a baking tray and bake in the oven at 100 degrees for about an hour.
  8. Once completely dry they will be rock hard.
  9. Paint your eggs in the colours of your choice and use a cotton wool bud or paintbrush to make pretty designs using nail polish once the paint is dry.Salt dough decorations
  10. Once dry thread some colourful twine through them and tie.
  11. To make the Easter tree I cut some small branches off a tree and spray painted them white. I painted an old sauce jar and placed the twigs in the jar.
  12. Hang your decorations on your tree and use as a table centre piece over Easter or in a window.Salt Dough Easter Decorations

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