Beach Crafts

Driftwood Painting Activity

Wood craft for kids

We are really lucky that we live really close to Brittas Bay beach in Co Wicklow and we often go for walks there at the weekends. We sometimes collect things from the beach to take home and use to make crafts with. Last year there was alot of driftwood on the beach so we collected it one day and kept it at home to dry out to use for a craft activity.

Brittasbaby beach

You would be amazed at how much we found. I gave the kids a bag each so they could have their own little stash of wood and we talked about what we were going to make with it on our walk. It was fun collecting it and a good distraction to get the kids to walk further on the beach without noticing!

The next dry day we decided to take our driftwood outside to the garden and do some painting. The children were very excited about this as it was the first time they had painted outside that year.

kids art outside dads old shirt

I knew this would be quite messy so we used some old shirts from their dads wardrobe. Look how clean they were at the beginning!

We placed some newspaper on the grass as it was a bit damp and its easier to contain the mess all in one spot if it’s all on the newspaper.

driftwood painting activity for kids

I bought this paint in Lidl a while back, it’s called CreColour, it’s German acrylic water based paint, I just love the colours and it’s really quick drying.

We use ‘Create’ paint brushes that I buy in The Art & Hobby Shop. They have thick wooden handles that are the perfect size for kids hands.

I have to say this craft was a big hit with my five year old and my almost two year old. I think it was such a novelty for them to be painting something of a totally different shape that what they are used to. They spent at least half an hour painting the sticks in lots of different colours and designs. I have to say I really enjoyed it too, very therapeutic!

kids art natural

What I love about this craft is that it costs absolutely nothing except for some paint. It just shows you with a little bit of an imagination you can make anything.

I’m pretty excited about the results, who would have thought painted sticks could look so pretty?

painting sticks

We left them to dry and then I decided to make a coat/bag hanger out of one of them. I screwed in some small white hooks that I bought in Woodies and tied some string to either end to make this children’s coat hanger.

I’m sure there are lots more things you can make with this painted driftwood, I would love to hear your suggestions!






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