St Patrick’s Day Hats

Welcome March!

Everyone is very excited about March in our house this year.

My son Harry is going to be six on the 28th of March and is counting down the days to his birthday party and my book ‘Get Crafty’ is being released this month too so we have lots to look forward too!

To celebrate March I am going to be doing a fun challenge for myself called ‘A Craft A Day’.

To kick off the 1st Day of March, here is a little taster of one of the crafts from my upcoming book ‘Get Crafty’.

Get Crafty St Patricks Day

What you need

Toilet roll tubes/Orange & black felt/Elastic hairbands/Green paint/Pipe cleaners/Green card/Green buttons/Scissors/Hole punch

How To Make Them

  1. Cut a toilet roll tube in half and paint one half green. Leave to dry.

  2. St Patricks Day Toliet Roll HatsGet Crafty t Patricks Day
  1. Cut a circle of card the same size as the circumference of the toilet roll and glue it on to the top of the roll.

  1. Make two holes on either side of the roll with a hole punch and staple on the elastic hairband on either end.

  1. Decorate the rim of the hat with black and orange felt to look like a buckle.Toliet Roll Tube St Patricks Day CraftsToliet Roll Tube St Patricks Day Crafts

  2. Get Crafty st Patricks Day
  1. Wrap a pipe cleaner around your three index fingers to make a shamrock shape and glue on to the hat.

    Ali Coghlan Craft Book - Alan Rowlette PhotographyThat’s one happy looking Leprechaun!!!St Patrick's Day Toliet Roll HatsAll Photographs Copyright Alan Rowlette Photography








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