Bubble Painting Get Crafty

Summer Bubble Painting

Summer Bubble Painting Craft

Bubble painting is so much fun as an activity to do with the children and it costs absolutely nothing. The perfect Summer Outdoor activity.

If you are doing it indoors, It is a messy craft so it is a good idea to cover your table with a disposable cloth and place some kitchen roll under the bowls before the bubble madness begins.

What you need




Washing-up liquid



White paper

How to make it

Half fill your glasses with water and add about three teaspoons of washing-up liquid.

Bubble Painting

Add a squirt of paint to the mixture too.

Stir the mixture together using a spoon.

Give the kids a straw and ask them to blow into the straw to make loads of bubbles, so much bubbles that they are spilling over the side of the bowls.

Bubble Painting Get Crafty

Gently put a sheet of paper over the top of the bubbles to make a pretty bubble print.

Bubble Painting

Do this many times with different colours to create beautiful bubble art.

Bubble Painting Art

Have Fun!

Photo Credits: Alan Rowlette Photography


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