Empty Easter Egg Box Crafts-Teddy Bear Carrier Bag

IMG-20180402-WA0018 (1)


We have all stuffed our faces with Chocolate this Easter and now we have loads of cardboard Easter Egg boxes leftover-let’s have some fun with them this mid term break!

This is a really easy craft you can maker that involves Decoupage.

What you need:

1 x Empty Easter Egg Box

Coloured card/paper


Pva Glue






Step1: Using a circular object trace a circle on the front of your Easter Egg Box and cut it out.

Step 2: Cut up scraps of coloured paper/tissue/newspaper etc.. even pretty napkins would work!

Step 3: Make a paste using Pva glue and water

Step 4: (Decoupage)Layer the scraps of paper onto the box & leave to dry.

Step 5: Make a handle for the box using coloured card and staple it onto the box

Step 6: Put teddy bear into the box and poke it’s head out the hole in the front! Voila a cute little Teddy Pet Carrier Bag




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