Empty Easter Egg Craft Dolls House


I don’t think i’ll ever get bored of making dolls houses, one of my favourite creative crafts to make. This one was made using an empty Easter Egg Box-what better way to recycle all that cardboard packaging and make something beautiful that can give joy to little ones. A perfect craft for the Easter Holidays!


What you need:


1 x Empty Easter Egg Box

Ruler & Pencil


Superglue/Strong Glue


Crafty bits to decorate (Pom Poms, diamontes etc..)

IMG-20180402-WA0023 (1)


Step 1: Measure the length of the Easter Egg Box and mark it with a pencil half way.

Step 2: Cut along this line

Step 3: Glue the two sides together

Step 4: Make a roof with the remainder of the boc and glue on

Step 5: Paint your dolls house in the colour of your choice and leave to dry.

Step 6: Decorate your dolls house



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