Get Crafty Book

My book ‘Get Crafty’ has just been released with Mercier Press Ireland and it is available to buy worldwide on Amazon. You can also buy it in all major bookshops in Ireland.

Get Crafty by Ali Coghlan

Get Crafty is a craft book for everyone. You do not need to have any previous art or craft experience to be able to enjoy the crafts.

Making Arts and Crafts was always a part of my life growing up. As children we spent hours outside gathering flowers and leaves to make our magic potions, passed fun time on the beach collecting shells to paint, dug into my mum’s wardrobe to find something we could use to make wonderful DIY Halloween costumes. Toilet roll tubes magically turned into Christmas Tree decorations and personally made birthday cards were always a treasured gift for the grannies and grandads.

However, over the years, as school, college, work and generally ‘being an adult’ took over, I never really got the chance to do those fun things any more;life just got in the way. It wasn’t until I had my own children a few years ago that my creativity was re-awakened and I remembered all of the fun things that my family and I had made together when I was young; in fact, no family event was ever celebrated without something handmade.

Now that I have children, it’s easy to appreciate the natural creativity and vast imagination of every child and, in this diverse world where there are so many challenges, I feel it is important to harness this creativity as fully as we can. With this in mind, I started doing small arts and crafts activities with my kids and I realised just how much they enjoyed it. Yet when I talked about it with my friends, they would say to me, ‘But I’m not an arty person, I wouldn’t know where to start!’ This inspired me to start my blog, and eventually led me to writing the book.

I hope you enjoy it,